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Emerald + Sapphire Woodsy Wedding, Elmira NY

July 25, 2019

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I can’t believe I’m JUST getting to blog about our wedding! Well it’s a great way to celebrate our 2 year anniversary!! Just being able to look back on these pictures and feel all the JOY that was surrounding us and in our hearts that day just makes me feel so blessed.

A brief back story, Christian proposed in March of 2017. Me being the planner that I am was ready to pull the trigger on everything the second I said “yes” ! We found our perfect venue that incorporated our dream location where we were going to be surrounded by trees and be in nature. It also had a very relaxed and laid back feel, just like us. It was meant to be.

Five months Later, August 4th 2017 we said “I do” and set out on the biggest adventure of our lives, marriage. We were looking forward to traveling the world together , who would have thought all the places we would go in just these two years.

I just want to talk about our wedding day a little because I want to speak to and encourage all my clients out there who have THEIR big day coming up! With all the planning and attention to detail the day had FINALLY come and we were ready to have the best times of our lives. As all our family and friends began to find their seats I anxiously waiting inside with my girls. The music started to play and one by one my best friends and sisters made their way down the aisle. I had decided not to know the song I was walking down to , I let Christian pick it for me so it was a nice surprise. I started to hear a song play I had never heard before but listened carefully to the lyrics because I knew he had spent a while picking the perfect song.

“You’re my always You’re my forever You’re my reality You’re my sunshine You’re my best times You’re my anomaly And I’d choose you
In a hundred lifetimes I’d choose you
In a hundred worlds I’d find You…”

For those of you who don’t know the song it’s “I choose you ” by Ryan Darling. OF COURSE I started to tear up (and so did he) how could I not!

Well the most nerve wrecking walk of my life was over and I was hand in hand with my best friend.

Vows and rings were exchanged and then we said “I do”. When we kissed the breeze started to blow , almost like a fairytale that had come true. It was like God was right there with each and every one of us that day blessing the marriage we had just entered into. It was SO incredible.

We were officially Mr + Mrs Gunn! It was off to dance the night away. That was just what we did. I can’t tell you a single person that wasn’t on the dance floor that night. It was truly the party we had hoped for . To be surround by every single person that loved and cared for us . It’s really something that only happens once to have all those people together in one place.

So to wrap up a loooong story here I can honestly say Christian and I really enjoyed every single second of our wedding day. YES there were many things that went wrong (my cake was ruined, it poured the morning of the ceremony)that day, but none of that mattered. What really mattered was we got to marry our best friends and spend the day having a blast with everyone we cared about. So I would just encourage you engaged couples out there reading this, ENJOY your day. It only happens ONCE! Believe me, I am all for details, and making sure everything is aesthetically pleasing and events run flawlessly (duh, that’s my job). Most importantly, I want to make sure you are focusing on the real reason this day is happening, to celebrate you and the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with! Don’t sweat the small stuff, just sit back and take in every moment of the day.

Thanks for sticking through this long post, you all are champs! Enjoy these beautifully captured photos and Cheers, to my amazing husband for 2 wonderful and adventurous years together!

Planning + Design Events by Carianne

Photography : Anna Elizabeth Photo

Dress : Lovely

Vintage Furniture : Pretty Little Vintage Co.

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